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All designs are delivered instantly after cleared Paypal payment is received. You will have access to download your files from your account and will also receive a link in your email. You will have 30 days to download your files. If you don't create an account, you will only receive your files through your email (please ensure your email address is correct). If using an e-check through Paypal, your downloads will be available after payment clears which is typically 4 to 6 business days. You can use a credit card through Paypal without creating an account with them.

Please note, creating an account is optional but highly recommended. By creating an account, you will have access to your downloads for 30 days after purchase in your account. This way you can purchase designs on the go and not have to worry about downloading the link while you're away from your computer. Also, by having an account, you will earn reward points with your purchases that you can accumulate to get free designs. You will also be able to keep track of your purchases so you don't accidentally purchase something twice. To get free designs, I require you to create an account.
Question #1: What equipment do I need to use your embroidery designs (not alphabets or monograms)?
Answer #1: If you are using regular designs (not alphabets or monograms), you will need the proper hardware to transfer the designs to your machine. Some examples of your machine setup... IF YOUR EMBROIDERY MACHINE USES CARDS ONLY (meaning there is only a small card slot on the side of the machine), you will need a reader/writer box such as PED Basic, Amazing Box, etc. You will then transfer the designs from your computer to your blank card with the reader/writer box program then insert the card into your machine. IF YOUR EMBROIDERY MACHINE USES A FLOPPY DISK OR USB STICK you can transfer directly from your computer to the floppy or USB Stick then insert the floppy into your machine. IF YOUR EMBROIDERY MACHINE HOOKS UP DIRECTLY TO YOUR COMPUTER you can directly transfer designs from your computer to your machine and you won't need additional equipment.
Question #2: What equipment do I need to use your alphabet or monogram design sets?
Answer #2: The above answer applies to you but you will ALSO need an editing program if you want to spell names with individual fonts or monogram letters. All alphabets and monogram sets are individual files therefore you will need to combine each letter into one file then save it as one file. After you save it as one file you will transfer to your machine with one of the above methods. I always recommend Embird to my customers. It's an all around easy program to use and they have a free 30 day trial you can download from their site.
HELPFUL HINT: I sell several monogram sets with the large monogram letter in the middle of a design which is setup as one file so you wouldn't need any editing software to use it. I tell my customers they can use their machine's built in fonts if they want to spell a name over the large middle initial like I show in many of my samples.